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Our Story The Team Non-Resident Scholars

James P. Ballot

Senior Advisor, Strategic Communications/Lead Storyteller

Michael Barry

Senior Vice President, Head of Media Relations & Public Affairs

Brent Carris

Research Analyst

Katrina Cheung

Communications Manager

William Davis

Georgia Media Relations

Max Dorfman

Research Writer

Jeff Dunsavage

Senior Research Analyst

Rita El-Hakim

Manager - Operations and Office Services

Laura L. Favinger

Chief Administrative Officer

Mary-Anne Firneno

Research Manager

Mark Friedlander

Florida Communications Consultant

Valerie Germain

Executive Assistant to Sean Kevelighan & Corporate Secretary

Jennifer Ha

Head of Editorial and Publications

Scott Holeman

Director - Media Relations

Sean Kevelighan

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michel Leonard, CBE

Vice President and Senior Economist

Charlene Lewis

Web Content Manager

Shorna Lewis

Director - Operations

Chi Wai Lima

Creative Director

James Lynch, FCAS MAAA

Chief Actuary, Senior Vice President of Research and Education

Lynne McChristian

Communications Consultant

Marielle Rodriguez

Brand and Design Coordinator

Janet Ruiz

Director - Strategic Communication

Maria Sassian

Research Director

Deena Snell

Membership Director

Dr. Steven N. Weisbart, CLU

Senior Vice President and Chief Economist

Loretta Worters

Vice President, Media Relations